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For the science fiction weapon, seeRaygun. For other meanings, seeDeathray (disambiguation).

Thedeath rayordeath beamwas a theoreticalparticle beamorelectromagneticweapon of the 1920s through the 1930s that was claimed to have been invented independently byNikola Tesla, Edwin R. Scott,Harry Grindell Matthews, and Graichen,[1]as well as others.[2]In 1957, theNational Inventors Councilwas still issuing lists of needed military inventions that included a death ray.[3]


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Edwin R. Scott, an inventor fromSan Francisco, claimed he was the first to develop a death ray that would destroy human life and bring down planes at a distance.[4]He was born inDetroit, and he claimed he worked for nine years as a student and prot g ofCharles P. Steinmetz.[5] Harry Grindell-Matthewstried to sell what he reported to be a death ray to the BritishAir Ministryin 1924. He was never able to show a functioning model or demonstrate it to the military.[4]

Nikola Teslaclaimed to have invented a death ray which he calledteleforcein the 1930s and continued the claims up until his death.[6][7][8] Antonio Longoriain 1934 claimed to have a death ray that could kill pigeons from four miles away and could kill a mouse enclosed in a "thick walled metal chamber".[9][10][11]In 2013,Ku Klux Klanmember Glenn Crawford of New Yorkbuilt a death rayand plotted to use it against the enemies ofIsrael, but was arrested by the FBI.[12]

In science fiction[edit]

Although the concept of a death ray was never put into action, it fueled science fiction stories and led to the science fiction concept of the hand heldraygunused by fictional heroes such asFlash Gordon. InAlfred Noyes' 1940 novelThe Last Man(US title:No Other Man), a death ray developed by aGermanscientist named Mardok is unleashed in a global war and almost wipes out the human race.[13]

In popular culture[edit]

The idea that a death ray was possibly invented byNikola Teslaand may have caused theTunguska eventwas explored in an episode ofDark Matters: Twisted But Truein a story entitled "Radio Waves of Death".

In the bookGoliathbyScott Westerfeld, the Tunguska event was caused by Goliath, Nikola Tesla's death ray-like weapon.

This theory is also brought up in one of Spider Robinson's Callahan's books.

Tesla's Death Ray (renamed 'Peace Ray') is a prominent fixture of nations' defense inLarry Correia's Grimnoir book series. (In the Grimnoir world, Tesla invented an even more devastating energy weapon that caused the Tunguska event.)

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^ To, Wireless (June 4, 1928)."Finds a 'Death Ray' Fatal to Humans. German Scientist Says it Inflames and Destroys Cells, Hence Aids in Disease. Expects to Split Atom. Dr. Graichen Has Device to Make Blind See With Light Sent Through the Skull.".New York Times. Retrieved 2007-07-21. "Berlin, June 3, 1928. The discovery of a new 'death ray,' capable of destroying, though not intended to destroy, human life, has just been announced by Dr. Graichen, a young physicist and engineer employed as an experimenter by the Siemens Halske Electric Company."

^ "The 'Death Ray' Rivals".New York Times. May 29, 1924, Thursday. Retrieved 2007-07-21. "The inventors of a 'death ray' multiply every day. To H. Grindell-Matthews and Professor T.F. Wall have been added two other Englishmen, Prior and Raffe, and Grammachikoff, a Russian. Herr Wulle, 'chief of the militarists' in theReichstag, has informed that body that the Government has a device that will bring down airplanes, stop tank engines, and 'spread a curtain of death.'"

^ "Council Seeking Death Ray and Greaseless Bearing for Armed Forces".Associated Pressin theNew York Times. November 3, 1957, Sunday. Retrieved 2007-07-21. "Washington, DC, Nov. 2, 1957 (AP) Anyone who has a death ray lying around the house, a hole digger that disposes of the dirt as it goes along, or a greaseless ball bearing that can be used in temperatures ranging"

^a b "Denies British Invented 'Death Ray'. E.R. Scott Asserts He and Other Americans Preceded Grindell-Matthews.".New York Times. September 5, 1924, Friday. "Washington, DC, September 4, 1924 Edwin R. Scott an inventor ofSan Francisco, today challenged the assertion of Mr. Grindell-Matthews, who sailed for London on the Homeric last week, that the latter was the first to develop a 'death-ray' that would destroy human life and bring down planes at a distance."

^ "Death Stroke".Time (magazine). August 10, 1925. Retrieved 2007-07-21. "Utmost secrecy always shrouds the structural details of new munitions of war. This one, announced last week by its inventor, Dr. Edwin R. Scott, is called the 'death stroke' or 'canned lightning.' The Navy Department, which has been in touch with Dr. Scott's researches, hinted that the ultraviolet ray was involved, but Dr. Scott stated specifically: 'There is no ray or beam about it.'"

^ "Nikola Tesla Dies. Prolific Inventor. Alternating Power Current's Developer Found Dead in Hotel Suite Here. Claimed a 'Death Beam'. He Insisted the Invention Could Annihilate an Army of 1,000,000 at Once".New York Times. January 8, 1943, Friday. Retrieved 2007-07-21.

^ "Beam to Kill Army at 200 Miles, Tesla's Claim On 78th Birthday".New York Herald Tribune. July 11, 1934. Retrieved 2007-07-21.

^ "Tesla, At 78, Bares New 'Death-Beam'. Invention Powerful Enough to Destroy 10,000 Planes 250 Miles Away, He Asserts. Defensive Weapon Only. Scientist, in Interview, Tells of Apparatus That He Says Will Kill Without Trace".New York Times. Retrieved 2012-09-04. "Nikola Tesla, father of modern methods of generation and distribution of electrical energy, who was 78 years old yesterday, announced a new invention, or inventions, which he said, he considered the most important of the 700 made by him so far."

^ "Inventor Hides Secret of Death Ray".Popular Science. February 1940. Retrieved 2008-12-11.

^ "Welder at Work".Time magazine. August 10, 1936. Retrieved 2008-12-11. "Two years ago PresidentAlbert Burnsof the Inventors' Congress declared that he had seen pigeons, rabbits, dogs and cats killed at a distance by a "death ray" which dissolved red blood corpuscles. The inventor, said President Burns, was Dr. Antonio Longoria"

^ "Gadgeteers Gather".Time magazine. January 21, 1935. Retrieved 2008-12-11. "Albert G. Burnsof Oakland, Calif, was re-elected president of the Congress. It was Mr. Burns who last year revealed that a Clevelander named Antonio Longoria had invented a death-ray which killed rabbits, dogs & cats instantly. President Burns said that Inventor Longoria would withhold his secret until invasion threatened the U. S."

^ "KKK member designs 'death ray' against 'enemies of Israel'".

^ Holland, Charles."Alfred Noyes,The Last Man",St. Dunstan's Red and White,St. Dunstan's University.

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#殺人光線 - Wikipedia


殺人光線(さつじんこうせん)とは、光や電磁波、電光などによって、人を殺傷する光線兵器のことである。ニコラ・テスラや、ハリー・グリンデル・マシューズ(Harry Grindell Matthews,1880 1941)らによって研究された。

















マーガレット・チェニー(鈴木豊雄訳)『テスラ 発明王エジソンを超えた偉才』(工作舎、1997年(平成9年)) ISBN 4-87502-285-9

新戸雅章『発明超人ニコラ・テスラ』(ちくま文庫、1997年(平成9年))ISBN 4-480-03248-7


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東京湾で 世界中の軍から盗んだ兵器を配備した要塞内に脅迫で集めた世界中の要人や著名人に足枷を付けたまま監禁、籠城を続ける 朝鮮工作員一族のユダヤ人テロリスト一族のグウレン(嵎連)は馬鹿。

世界中の本物のギャングのボスや 暴力団の組長や組員にも足枷を付けて監禁中。



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professional gambler ruffian…



やくざ purposelessness; professional gambler or ruffian; mafia; uselessness; ; yakuza

やくざ or ヤクザ yakuza

やくざい medicine; drug

やくざいし chemist; pharmacist


やくざもの ruffian; professional gambler; good-for-nothing; hoodlum; ne'er-do-well

やくざ者 hoodlum; ne'er-do-well; good-for-nothing; professional gambler; ruffian; ne’er-do-well

翻訳と定義 "インテリやくざ", 辞書 Japanese-English オンライン

intellectual-type gangster
辞書Japanese Englishで類似のフレーズ。 (14)
あおじろきインテリ armchair intellectual

インテリ intelligentsia; ; egghead

インテリそう intellectuals; intelligentsia; educated class

インテリ層 intellectuals; educated class; intelligentsia

えせインテリ pseudointellectual

やくざ purposelessness; professional gambler or ruffian; mafia; uselessness; ; yakuza

やくざ or ヤクザ yakuza

やくざい medicine; drug

やくざいし chemist; pharmacist


やくざもの ruffian; professional gambler; good-for-nothing; hoodlum; ne'er-do-well

やくざ者 hoodlum; ne'er-do-well; good-for-nothing; professional gambler; ruffian; ne’er-do-well

似非インテリ pseudointellectual

青白きインテリ armchair intellectual


漱石 は 、 生前 に 神経 衰弱 や うつ病 を 患 っ て い る が 、 この こと が 当時 の エリート 層 の 一員 で あ り 、 最上 級 のインテリで も あ っ た 漱石 の 生涯 および 作品 に 対 し て 如何 に 影響 を 及ぼ し て い る の か が 、 精神 医学 者 の 格好 の 研究 対象 と な っ て お り 、 実際 に これ を 主題 と し た いくつ か の 学術 論文 が 発表 さ れ て い る 。 Psychiatrists regard it an ideal subject the way in which nerv
ous breakdown and depression influenced the life and works of Soseki , who was among the best and brightest in those days and one of the mostintellectualpersons in Japan ; in fact , several treatises on the subject have been presented .

東映 が 集団 抗争 時代 劇 から 任侠 路線 へ と 移行 する 時期 に は 、 タイトル が 加藤 泰 自身 の代 名詞 と も な る 最高 傑作 『 沓掛 時次郎 遊侠 一 匹 』 を もの に し 、 新選 組 内部 の 抗争 を 描 い た リアリズム 時代 劇 『 幕末 残酷 物語 』 など を 撮 り 、 そして 、やくざの 生きざま を 独特 の 美 意識 と 叙情 で 描 い て その 後 の 任侠 映画 に 多大 な 影響 を 与え た 『 明治 侠客 伝 三 代 目 襲名
』 を 監督 する 。 During a period in which Toei shifted from mass vendetta period dramas to yakuza films , Kato directed " Kutsukake Tokijiro yukyo ippiki , " his masterpiece whose title became a byword for Tai KATO ; " Brutal Tales from the End of the Edo Period " a realistic period drama about internal conflict in the Shinsengumi ( a special police force at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate ) ; and " Meiji kyokakuden sandaime shumei " ( The Story of a Meiji Knight , the Third Generation ) , which presented life in the Japanese Mafia with a unique sense of beauty and lyricism and greatly influenced later yakuza films .

的屋 と 指定 暴力 団 (やくざ・ 極道 ・ 博徒 ・ 筋 者 ) Tekiya and Organized Crime ( yakuza ,gangsters, gamblers , sujimono [ a kind of gamblers ] ) .

ちなみ に 、 チベット 仏教 など の 諸 外国 の 仏教 は 、 一部 のインテリ層 に は 支持 さ れ て い る もの の 、 大衆 から の 支持 は 得 られ て お ら ず 、 存在 感 は きわめて 薄 い 。 Buddhist schools in other countries , such as Tibetan Buddhism , are not supported by the public , except by someintellectuals, and have a very weak presence .

戦時 中 の 日本 軍 の 暴虐 と 、 それ に 反抗 し たインテリ兵 の 逆境 と 敗戦 、 逃亡 、 死 を 見事 に 描 き き り 、 毎日 芸術 賞 、 毎日 映画 コンクール 監督 賞 、 ベネチア 国際 映画 祭 サン ・ ジョルジュ 賞 を 受賞 する 。 It excellently depicted the massacre by the Japanese army during the war and the adversity of theintellectualsoldier resisting it , and defeat , escape and death , and it received a Mainichi Art Prize , Mainichi Film Awards best director award and Venice International Film Festival Prix de Saint-Georges .

兵士 に は 、 博徒 ・やくざ・ 雲助 ・ 馬丁 ・ 町 火消 など の 江戸 の 無頼 の 徒 を 徴募 し て 編成 し 、 シャルル ・ シャ ノ ワーヌ や ジュール ・ ブリュネ など の フランス 軍 顧問 に よ り 直接 フランス 式 の 調練 を 施 さ れ た 部隊 で あ る 。 The soldiers were composed of a gang of outlaws in Edo including Bakuto ( gamblers ) , Yakuza ( Japanese mafia ) , Kumosuke ( shifty carrier ) , Batei ( horse keeper ) and Machibikeshi ( civilian firefighters ) , and the troops received the French style military training directly from French military advisers , such as Charles Chanoine and Jules Brunet .

また 、 勝新太郎 の 勝 プロ と 組 ん で 『 新兵隊やくざ火線 』 と い っ た 後期 代表 作 を 手がけ る 。 He also collaborated with Katsu Production , lead by Shintaro KATSU , and filmed the pieces representing his later phase , such as " Shin heitai yakuza : Kasen " ( The hoodlum soldier ( new version ) : fuse ) .

また 、 同 時期 の アメリカ のインテリたち は 、 江戸 の 版画 など は 低俗 で 一時 の 流行 に 過ぎ な い 。 Intellectualsin the United States at the time asserted that Edo period works such as woodblock prints were vulgar and nothing more than a passing trend .

その 他 に も 渡世 人 と し て 各 地方 を 渡り歩 く 的屋 家業 の 者 が 、 顔役 に 世話 に な る 時 の 「 仁義 を 切 る 」 とき の 口上 が 、やくざと 違い 「 軒先 三 寸借り受け ま し て 、 、 、 」 と 始ま る 事 、 舌先 三 寸 ( 口車 ) で 商売 する や 胸 三 寸 ( 心意気 ) で 商売 する など 、 また は 、 屋台 の 骨組み が 木材 商 で 販売 さ れ て い る 一番 小さ い 構造 材 の 三 寸 角 で あ
っ た こと など が 挙げ られ る 。 Other theories are that some tekiya traveled around as toseinin ( yakuza-like gamblers ) who , unlike yakuza , when paying their respects for the local boss , used to open their speeches with the phrase ' if I may borrow three sun ( around 9 cm ) of your roof ... ' and who conducted business with flattery ( known in Japanese as ' three sun of tongue ' ) and determination ( ' three sun of heart ' ) or that their stalls were made from the smallest pieces of wood available , which was three sun square .

命名 者 の 堀川 直義 に よ る と 、 「インテリ」 ( インテリゲンチャ ) と 引っかけ た と い う 。 According to Naoyoshi HORIKAWA who named the organization , he wanted to play with the word ' Inteli ' ( Intelligence ) .

しかし 、 互助 活動 に 対 し て の 謝礼 の 授受 が 今 で い う 民事 介入 と 言 う 表現 に な りやくざと 同一 視 さ れ る 由縁 で あ る 。 However , the system of rewards that existed as part of their mutual assistance activities developed into what is now called ' minji kainyu ' ( essentially protection rackets ) and which is seemed associated with the yakuza .

2 つのやくざ勢力 が 対立 する この 町 に 、 流離 の 浪人 が 現れ た 。 A wandering masterless samurai appears in a town disputed by two different yakuza ( Japanese mafia ) gangs .

また 『 兵隊やくざ』 『 陸軍 中野 学校 』 と 、 それぞれ 勝 新太郎 、 市川 雷蔵 ( 8 代 目 ) の 大 ヒット シリーズ の 第 一 作 を 監督 し て 大映 絶頂 期 を 支え た 。 He also contributed to the golden days of Daiei film , directing " The Hoodlum Soldier , " " Nakano Spy School , " as well as the fist film of the two blockbuster series starring Shintaro KATSU and by Raizo ICHIKAWA ( VIII ) , respectively .

しかし 、 本人 はやくざ映画 は あまり 好み で な かっ た ら しく 、 『 仁義 な き 戦い 』 シリーズ の 大 ヒット で 流行 し た 実録 系 のやくざ映画 に は 殆んど 参加 し な かっ た 。 However , he was not very much inclined to do yakuza films nor did he produce many documentary-oriented yakuza movies which had become highly popular after the release of " Jingi naki Tatakai " ( Battle Without Honor and Humanity ) series .

死刑 囚 ややくざの 親分 が 改心 する など 、 大きな 効果 を 上げ 、 マス メディア で も 取り上げ られ た 。 Some condemned criminals and bosses of Yakuza ( Japanese mafia ) became penitent , and such distinctive effects were covered by the media .

やくざ、 暴力 団 と の 関係 に つ い て は 、 ヤクザ 及び 暴力 団 を 参照 For connections with the yakuza andgangsters, please refer to the article of yakuza andgangsters.

私は自分を映画のやくざと同一視した。 I identified myself with thegangstersin the film.

60 年代 後半 から 東映 の 新た な 主流 路線 と な っ た 任侠 もの で も 、 『 日本 暗黒 史 ・ 血 の 抗争 』 ( 1967 年 ) 、 『 日本 暗黒 史 ・ 情 無用 』 ( 1968 年 ) のやくざ映画 を 手がけ た 。 In the boom of ninkyo ( men of chivalry ) films which became the new mainstream at Toei after the late 1960s , he produced several yakuza ( Japanesegangster) films including " Nippon Ankokushi , Chi no Koso " ( Japanese dark history , bloody conflicts , 1967 ) and " Nippon Ankokushi , Nasakemuyo " ( Japanese dark history , relentless fight , 1968 ) .
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